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Get up and Get Healthy!

Medical Center Hospital prides itself on being the premier hospital for the Permian Basin area and thoroughly enjoys any opportunity to serve the community.  Their organizational values sparked the idea to partner with Ireland Elementary to keep our students healthy.  According to MCH, 1 in every 3 adults in the Permian Basin is considered obese.  From this need, began MCH’s partnership with Ireland Elementary for the GoNoodle and HealthTeacher programs with the goal to inform the youth on healthy habits for their future years.  “After all,” stated Diana Ruiz from MCH, “our children are the foundation of our community in the future.”

 The GoNoodle program offers quick and fun breaks for students to help calm or energize them, while incorporating academic teachings.  Ms. Tinker's 6th grade class (below left) can be seen using GoNoodle to complete math equations. The program prompts them to run, sprint or dance in place while waiting to the correct response.  
HealthTeacher is a program that teaches children how to make smarter eating choices, beginning as young as Kindergarten.  Students learn how to choose from the 5 foods groups to ensure a well-balanced meal, with the ultimate goal to be strong, healthy and happy.  Ms. Webb’s third grade class (pictured right) was challenged to identify the categories for some of their favorite foods.
“The kids love the programs, they always ask me- ‘can we do a GoNoodle?!’ and it fits in anything we are learning.  When we learn vocabulary, the program associates a motion to that word to help with word recognition and definitions" said Jessica Cravens, a Kindergarten teacher at Ireland. 
ECISD gives a huge thanks to MCH for this innovative partnership that our students are not only reaping the benefits from, but truly enjoying. 
6th grade Ireland Students using GoNoodle to learn math Kindergartners at Ireland learning about the 5 food groups