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Devon Energy surprises New Tech Odessa with $5,000

New Tech Odessa science teacher Richard Lindner knew some sort of special announcement was coming during the school’s lunch last Wednesday. He just didn’t know he was at the center of it.

            Mr. Lindner submitted an application to the Devon Energy Science Giants grant program in the fall, and the surprise announcement was to let him know he had received $5,000 to start a two-year rocketry program for NTO juniors and seniors. “I had no idea,” he said.

This state-approved science course offers a principles of rocketry curriculum to 11th-graders and by the end of 12th-grade students are launching large scale rockets that can be several feet tall. “I’ve seen examples of classes in this program going to White Sands Missile Range because they’re launching things 20,000-30,000 feet in the air,” he added.

Of course, that is down the road. The Science Giants grant gives NTO the resources to purchase the curriculum, teacher training, and supplies to get the class off the ground.

“New Tech Odessa teacher have demonstrated a strong commitment to enhancing science education for their students,” said Shannon Moss, production supervisor in Devon’s Midland office. “We are excited to have the opportunity to help them strengthen their classroom programs.”

The program, SystemsGo Aeroscience, was developed in Fredericksburg High School and uses problem solving and project-based learning to promote engineering studies.
Science Giants grant presentation