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Education Foundation looks to help teachers through new program

The Education Foundation this week announced a new initiative designed to specifically help meet the needs of classroom teachers. The Teacher Assistance Program will make money available each month for items or small projects that directly impact student learning. At its essence T.A.P. will cover expenses that traditionally come out of a teacher’s own pocket.


“The idea for T.A.P. came out of conversations I had with teachers,” said Education Foundation director Celeste Potter. “In asking why they don’t apply for Education Foundation grants so many said they need help with just basic needs before they can begin to think about bigger-picture stuff.”


T.A.P. will allow a teacher to apply for a maximum of $250 each month to be used for classroom work, and the request must be approved by the school’s principal. Things not allowed through T.A.P. include scholarships, teacher training, technology, and field trips. Those types of requests can be made through the existing teacher grant program.


Mrs. Potter said they really don’t know what kind of requests to expect as the program begins, “It could be for a dollar book, book marks, or even school supplies for a student who lacks them,” she said. She added the Education Foundation purposely did not establish many restrictions for requests because they want the flexibility to change and adapt based on the teachers’ needs.


“Until now, we have only given teachers a chance one time per year to come to [the Education Foundation] and ask for money,” Potter said. “Those are for grants and they are typically big projects for the coming year. This is for what they need right now.”



About Education Foundation of Odessa

The Education Foundation of Odessa provides a new and innovative source of funding to support the school district’s educational plan. The Foundation does not attempt to replace lost state funding, nor does it attempt to take the place of the district’s operating budget. When considering the level of funding required to educate students, the Foundation can expect only to provide funds for those projects and activities that go beyond the normal classroom experience. Such initiatives provide enrichment, research opportunities, teacher training, intervention and prevention strategies, and extend the educational effort. Funds provided by the Foundation directly benefit students in ECISD and make a positive difference in their education.


The mission of the Education Foundation is to create opportunities for education in Ector County ISD. The vision is that every student in ECISD will be school-ready, college-ready, work-ready, WORLD-READY!