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Trustees discuss possible lease, election issue

The Ector County ISD Board of Trustees held its March Work Study on the evening of the 7th. A recap of the agenda is below. Most Work Study items are discussion only; there was no action taken during this meeting.


  1. Trustees heard a presentation from our subcommittee for the District Continuous Improvement Team Index 4: Post-secondary Readiness. There are four measures for this index: percentage of students earning Level II scores on STAAR, graduation rates, number of students on specific graduation plans, and number of students in advanced courses, dual credit courses and a coherent sequence (4-year) of Career & Technical Education courses. Presenters gave the school board a quick view of enrollment numbers for CTE, AVID, and Advanced Academics and how those programs are benefiting our students and preparing them for college & careers. You can see their presentation here 

  1. Trustees received an update on Campus Turnaround Plans. Three schools – Blackshear Elementary, Goliad Elementary, and Pease Elementary – that are in their second year of Improvement Required (IR) walked through their turnaround plans for the school board. Blackshear spoke of the need to improve use of data and Tier I instruction, and the cultural awareness on campus; Pease talked about the challenge of having seven long-term subs, improving Tier I instruction and the benefit of now being a No Excuses University school; at Goliad they are working on being more focused and purposeful on all activities, and providing more feedback to teachers along the way.

  1. Trustees discussed a request to cancel the May 6 elections for Position 4 & Position 5 and certify the unopposed candidates as “elected.” Those spots on the school board are held by Doyle Woodall and Dr. Steve Brown, respectively, and neither has a challenger in the upcoming election.

  1. Trustees reviewed a scholarship agreement with the Permian Basin Workforce Development Board. For the period of March 2017-November 2017 the PBWDB is providing scholarship funds of $7,100 to ECISD Career & Technical Education for dual credit tuition, textbooks, and materials. This money would be used to support CTE programs that align with the PBWDB’s targeted occupations list (high demand locally.)

  1. Trustees reviewed the list of purchases over $50,000. There are no new items for March yet.

  1. Trustees discussed the idea of leasing a building for our textbook/records warehouse. The current facility at 10th Street & Lee, is about 10,800 square feet including office space, and is not large enough to accommodate upcoming textbook adoptions. As an example: the warehouse stores about 12,000 out-of-adoption textbooks from schools; will get some 14,000 texts and 163,000 consumable materials in the next adoption. The one in 2018 is expected to be bigger. The proposed agreement would lease the building at 2415 Catalina; a ten year lease starting on June 1 at a cost of $14,500 per month. Trustees Nelson Minyard and Dr. Steve Brown said they agreed the current warehouse needs to be upgraded but added they did not agree with spending money on a lease. They said they preferred to see the school district purchase a building or build one on property already owned by the district. Carol Gregg called the lease a temporary solution but asked for a permanent fix to be found. Superintendent Crowe said he would continue to negotiate and look at all available options.

  1. Trustees reviewed Budget Amendment #5. 
  1. The board looked over the annual Interlocal Agreement/TCC Service Agreement for iTCSS to Region 18 Education Service Center. This software is used for teachers’ txGradebook and parents’ access to txConnect for their students’ grades, attendance, and discipline. The annual cost of this agreement is $387,810.

  1. There was no closed session.

The meeting adjourned at 7: 30 p.m.