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Trustees hear reports on literacy efforts, improvement plans

The Ector County ISD Board of Trustees held its regular meeting for October on the evening of the 16th. A recap of that agenda is below. Nelson Minyard was absent.


Pease Elementary students Kaiden Gates and Janell Ramirez led the pledges of allegiance.


Pease Elementary students Kaiden Gates and Janell Ramirez led the pledges of allegiance, with Dr. Steve Brown and Jim Nelson.


Reverend Del Traffandstedt from Mission Dorado Baptist Church gave the invocation.


Special Presentations included the recognition of Donna Bell as the W.D. Noel Adult Volunteer of the Year, announcement of TEA Distinction Designations, and the reading of a Principals’ Month proclamation.


A. Trustees heard an update on the Literacy program. Literacy Director Jaime Miller told the board a study of reading scores showed a dip from 5th grade to 6th To address that the district formed a team to lead Guided Comprehension, which is beyond learning to read – it is reading to learn. This team created a plan, trained teachers, and is providing support. One piece of the plan is the creation of literacy libraries at all middle schools so teachers will have grade-level materials ready to use as resources for their students. Interim Superintendent Jim Nelson said a textbook adoption is coming in the spring and that will be a key piece of this effort to improve reading throughout the district. As the discussion turned to availability of teachers, Mr. Nelson also mentioned the district is rolling out a plan to utilize half-time teachers – those who might be interested in teaching half of a day – as a way to fill vacancies and get certified, highly-qualified teachers into ECISD classrooms.


B. Trustees voted 6-0 to approve the District Targeted Improvement Plan. This targeted plan is a requirement because our school district received a D rating from the state. The plan was developed by a district leadership team and places an emphasis on organizing administrative responsibilities; supporting principals; ongoing training for new teachers, substitute teachers, and teachers new to a grade level; and ensuring appropriately rigorous assessments are given to adequately measure progress towards STAAR.


C. Trustees voted 6-0 to approve the application of Dr. Steve Brown to fill the TASB Board of Directors Interim position. TASB stands for Texas Association of School Boards, and Region 18 has one spot on the board open. If chosen, Dr. Brown would be filling the term of a recently vacated seat on that TASB Board.


D. There were no purchases over $50,000.


E. Trustees voted 6-0 to approve the Consent Agenda. The Consent Agenda is a group of routine or previously discussed items approved all at once. This month’s Consent Agenda included an updated list of T-TESS appraisers, and out-of-state travel for the Odessa High School orchestra.


F. Trustees discussed their Lone Star Governance progress report. This is a series of goals the board set for addressing multi-year IR schools, placement of Long-Term substitutes, hiring campus leaders, and percentages of 1st year teachers at IR and high-risk schools. A pair of student-related goals reviewed:

  • Percentage of students earning 6+ credits by the end of 9th grade shall increase from 81% to 85% by 2020. Goal Met – 85.2% for 2018.
  • Percentage of students earning Algebra I credit by the end of 9th grade shall increase from 75% to 85% by 2020. The 2018 percentage was 77.53%, up from 75.17%.


G. There was no closed session


The meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.