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SouthWest Bank presents check for $78,000

Thursday afternoon Crockett Middle School students and teachers had reason to cheer. Actually, they had 78-thousand reasons. Or 300 reasons, whichever way you want to look at it.


Representatives from SouthWest Bank delivered a check for $78,000 to the school, money designated to buy 300 Chromebook laptops and ten charging/storage carts to go with them. “This is a wonderful occasion,” said ECISD Interim Superintendent Jim Nelson. “All of us are very grateful for your generosity and support of this school district.”


SouthWest Bank Chief Executive Officer Dewey Bryant said the bank sees this donation as being part of its duty as a corporate citizen. “We are talking about those students who someday are going to be the future within our city; they’re going to be our possible employees, our possible customers. I think it’s extremely important that we provide the tools that we can.”


Mr. Nelson told the audience gathered in the school’s library this all started about two months ago when Mr. Bryant and SouthWest Bank Chief Operations Officer Chris Cole asked how they could help the district. One of ECISD’s current priorities is to provide more computers to each of the middle schools to help with day-to-day learning, and online testing. This donation specifically targets Crockett MS and its nearly 1,200 students.


“I’m super excited and so are my teachers,” said Crockett MS Principal Maribel Aranda. “It’s a game-changer for them to have the technology. SouthWest Bank is part of our community. They care about education, they care about our students’ futures, and I think that shows.”


Reps from SW Bank present the large, ceremonial check to Crockett principal.  


SouthWest Bank AVP – Relationship Manager Joyce Medina & SouthWest Bank credit analyst Samantha Munoz present the check to students and teachers at Crockett Middle School. Crockett MS Principal Maribel Aranda, middle, accepts the check.