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Trustees begin strategic planning process

Thursday night, the Ector County ISD Board of Trustees began work on the district’s next strategic plan. Working with district administrators and the firm Planning for Practitioners, Trustees focused their efforts on developing Beliefs and a Vision that will lead the rest of the work.


Pre-workshop surveys were sent to Trustees, administrators, teachers and students. After reviewing those for common themes and concerns, the group created a number of belief statements that will be refined over the next few weeks. They also adopted a new vision statement: “OUR students…THE future.” Trustees then outlined several areas (Teaching & Learning, for example) that will serve as pillars for the next round of work.


On April 1 and 2 a larger Strategic Team of about 75 members will take the information developed in this first meeting and, using the Beliefs and Vision as guideposts, will establish a three-to-five-year plan for ECISD. This advisory team will continue to monitor the progress throughout the life of the plan.


Following that, a series of Action Teams will be formed with another 150 or so people. These Action Teams will create the action steps to achieving the strategies developed by the earlier committee.