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Community-wide team takes next steps in new strategic plan

On April 1 and 2 a strategic planning team of 66 people worked to develop the plan that will guide Ector County ISD through the next several years. The group included school district leaders, teachers, business and community members, parents, and students. The two-day retreat took place at Odessa College, and the work built upon the initial strategic planning steps taken by the ECISD Board of Trustees in March.


During the first day, each member of the group got the chance to talk about the things they see as strengths of the school district, along with things they see as obstacles. All of the committee members received a copy of a recently completed comprehensive needs assessment to use as a reference. On day two, each committee member chose one of six pillars on which to work. The pillars are the key areas of the strategic plan identified by school board members in their first planning meeting on March 7. Those six pillars are:


  • Climate & Culture
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Human Resources
  • Funding & Finance
  • Facilities & Infrastructure
  • Communication & Community Partnerships


The six teams then developed one strategic objective, which is the “what needs to happen” statement. Then created one or two strategies for each objective, which are the “how our effort and resources will be used to achieve the objective” statements.


This two-day strategic planning retreat completed phase one of the planning process. Stage two will begin in a few weeks when new teams of 12-15 people will be formed to build action plans for each strategy. These people were not involved in the work done on April 1 and 2. This part of the process is expected to take 2 to 3 months before coming back to the strategic planning team for review.


Through her Twitter account, Falcon Early College High School science teacher Rowena Dolino said being part of this strategic planning committee was, “…VERY REWARDING. It was a privilege working with such intelligent & caring people within ECISD and the community as a whole. I am truly grateful for being a part of this wonderful group who truly cares about our STUDENTS.”


Members of the strategic planning committee at OC