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Preliminary STAAR results for 5th grade, 8th grade

On April 9 and 10, students in 5th grade and 8th grade took the first round of STAAR tests in reading and math. This initial set of results represents just four of 22 STAAR tests that will be given this spring across content areas and in grades 3 –11. Fifth and eighth grade Students who did not meet the minimum passing standard of Approaches Grade Level will have the opportunity to retake these assessments in May during the second of three administrations.


The preliminary overall results show some positive news for the district. Compared to last year, ECISD saw increases in 8th grade Math and 5th grade Reading.  Eighth-grade Math increased from 50% in 2018 to 55% in 2019; 5th grade Reading increased by one point from 63% in 2018 to 64% this year. Eighth-grade Reading stayed the same at 59% while 5th grade Math fell two points from 74% in 2018 to 72% in 2019.


In a comparison of the performance of the same group of students from one year to the next (referred to as a cohort) the results show growth in all four areas. Eighth-grade Math rose to 55% (+9) compared to how the students performed in 7th grade in 2018, 8th grade Reading rose to 59% (+8) compared to their 7th grade scores, and 5th graders increased by six percent in both Math (73%) and Reading (64%) from their 4th grade scores in 2018.


An area that is particularly pleasing to district officials is the increase in the percentage of students reaching the Meets Grade Level and Masters Grade Level performance standards.  One of our District and Board Goals is to increase the percentage of students scoring Meets Grade Level to meet or exceed state averages by 2024.


We are proud of the increases in these areas because that shows the focus and emphasis we have placed on meeting grade level rather than just passing at the minimum level of Approaches Grade Level


In 8th grade Math the percentage of students reaching Meets Grade Level grew from 16% to 22%, 8th grade Reading grew from 26% to 32%, 5th grade Math increased from 41% to 42%, and 5th grade Reading held steady at 36%.


In terms of the Masters Grade Level standard, 5th grade Math increased from 17% to 23%, 5th grade Reading grew from 13% to 16%, 8th grade Reading went up from 11% to 14%, and 8th grade Math stayed at 2%. In regards to the 8th grade Math test, almost 20% of ECISD 8th graders’ results are not calculated in the 8th grade Math test because they are taking Algebra I and the corresponding Algebra I End of Course exam instead of the 8th grade Math test.


Fifth and eighth grade students are part of the Student Success Initiative requiring them to pass their reading and math tests to be promoted to the next grade. Those who did not pass the STAAR have two retest opportunities. The first is in May, and the second is in June.  While students have three opportunities to test, the State only uses the first and second administration results (the tests taken in April and May) for accountability purposes.


We are proud of our students, teachers, and campus leaders leading up to the first administration and the work being done now in preparation for retesting.  We anticipate a higher passing rate overall after the second administration in May.