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What's in store for your 8th grader as they head into high school?

Ask an 8th grader!
This week, all 8th grade students got to experience first-hand the course and program choices available to them when they start high school. 
The 8th graders from each middle school traveled to the Odessa College Sports Center where they had the chance to talk with high school teachers and students in all of the various programs - from animation and athletics to welding and yearbook, and everything in between. These students are building their high school schedules now, so this gives them a look at the things that interest them. 
New this year was a session specifically for parents from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. If you are a parent and you didn't get to attend this event, talk with your child's counselor about these options - and be sure to ask your 8th grader what they saw!