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Odessa College now offering TSI Workshops

Odessa College is now offering support to ECISD students through regular TSI tutoring sessions for high school students. OC hosts these free workshops in its Learning Resources Center every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night from 6-9:00 p.m.

TSI stands for Texas Success Initiative. The TSI assessment is a test that determines college and career readiness. It is also a requirement to enroll in certain Dual Credit courses. The advantages of taking Dual Credit courses are many.

Dual credit courses are those that allow a student to earn high school credit and college credit at the same time, and they give students several advantages.

“Students who take Dual Credit courses are more likely to graduate from both high school and college,” said ECISD Assistant Superintendent of Student and School Support Alicia Syverson. “These students can also save thousands of dollars on college costs because of the Dual Credit they earn while in high school.”

“At Odessa College, we want our students to be challenged in the classroom and not in our processes,” said OC Vice President of Student Services and Enrollment Management Kim McKay. “The majority of our students are not familiar with online tests.

“The workshops are designed to give students an opportunity to become familiar with the test format and the test content – boosting their confidence and their scores,” McKay added. “Test prep works.”

Students who take the TSI assessment have greater opportunities to enter college and the workforce sooner. OC TSI Workshops offer help with any subject. Students can drop in for thirty minutes, an hour, or however long they need to stay. Call 432-335-6640 or e-mail to get more information.

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