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Superintendent of Schools & Board of Trustees President react to Trustee Facebook posts

This afternoon, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Scott Muri and ECISD Board of Trustees President Dr. Donna Smith are issuing a joint statement against the Facebook posts and comments by Trustee Doyle Woodall.


“We have seen several of the posts made by Mr. Woodall and find them offensive and demeaning. They do not represent the views of Ector County ISD. We embrace and serve a diverse staff and student body as well as a diverse community. Mr. Woodall’s posts cut across many of those diverse groups. We cannot tolerate this kind of insensitivity. Images and words that hurt our kids and families, hurt us, too.


We have spoken with Mr. Woodall about this. We understand his perspective, and his right to express his opinions through his personal platforms. But, we cannot accept messages that offend or marginalize members of our community or distract from the work we do to educate the community’s children. 


Earlier this year, as all school board members and district leaders studied student data we saw an alarming report on disciplinary actions involving African American students, and learning gaps that exist for students of color and those who are economically disadvantaged. In response to those reports, a task force was formed to study the issue and make recommendations.  We altered our approach to staffing and budgeting – now giving our most fragile kids more resources. This summer, the task force will present its findings which will include training in cultural awareness that will become part of professional learning for all employees.


Our school board members are elected by the citizens of Ector County, and they serve our students, staff and community. Their goal is to create better lives for our children, staff, and families through education and that must begin with a commitment to love and respect. We will not stray from this commitment.”


Scott Muri, Ed. D.                                Donna Smith, Ed. D.

Superintendent of Schools                   President ECISD Board of Trustees