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United States Senator John Cornyn visits New Tech Odessa

On Monday, August 31, United State Senator John Cornyn visited Ector County ISD, specifically, New Tech Odessa high school to get a first-hand look at the back-to-school experience. Senator Cornyn was interested in how the District used federal CARES Act funds to support hybrid and remote learning. Senator Cornyn spoke with ECISD Superintendent Dr. Scott Muri, NTO Principal Gerardo Ramirez, teachers, and students during his visit.

ECISD received approximately $5.4 million in CARES Act dollars, spending on Chromebooks, iPads and teacher amplification systems. In fact, when he spoke to a world geography class of freshmen students attending, some attending online and some attending in person, he used one of the amplification systems to project his voice through the required mask and face shield.

Calling the re-opening of schools a pivotal moment, he applauded the work being done by ECISD teachers and students.

“I think people will look at what you’ve done here in Ector County and will say ‘we got this, we can go on and live our lives taking appropriate precautions.’” Said Senator Cornyn. “I think it is going to build a lot of confidence that you can successfully get on with your education. This is a very important moment for our state and for our nation and I just want to congratulate everybody here at this school.”  



Senator John Cornyn talks with a class of students; some in person, some listening online.

Senator Cornyn talking with superintendent, principal and two other NTO staff members at a conference table.

Sign showing ECISD purchases: 5,820 iPads, 6,000 Chromebooks, $1.1 million spent on mics for teachers