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Parents, staff members help guide decisions with survey responses

Immediately following the Fourth of July holiday, Ector County ISD leaders sent out three Back-to-School surveys to gauge the feelings of parents and staff members about returning to school on August 12. We want to thank all who participated in the survey – your responses are critical for us to create a safe and effective plan for the 2020-21 school year.

One of the main things we wanted to know from parents is, do they plan to send their children to school in-person or do they prefer to have their children learn through remote learning?

graph showing 67% of parents plan to send kids to school  


Spanish survey; 54% plan to send kids to school  


 We also wanted information about computers, tablets, other devices and internet connectivity at home.

 Graph showing response to available devices at home


 Spanish survey: available devices in the home



Graph showing responses to internet connectivity at home


Spanish survey: internet connectivity at home


By filling out this survey, parents were not making a firm commitment to either in-person or remote learning but they did provide District officials with important information that will help schools design a day of school.


We also surveyed our ECISD team members about their feelings on returning to work.


Employee survey shows 97% intend to return to work if safety guidelines are followed  



Last month, a task force with 18 subcommittees began working on plans for the new school year. Each committee is gathering ideas to give recommendations for a different aspect of the day such as transportation, arrival at school, instruction, lunch, dismissal, and other activities.