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Texas Loves Teachers Tour stops at Cavazos Elementary

H-E-B Excellence in Education Texas Loves Teachers Tour made a special celebration stop at Cavazos Elementary. Cavazos was one of fifty stops in the Texas tour, where they received appreciation goodies and a boxed lunch for all teachers and staff. They could also register to win $2,000 in H-E-B gift cards. 

Lonnie King, assistant principal assists in overseeing 65 teachers and staff. King said, “It’s just nice to celebrate all of our teachers and the hard work that they’re doing. They are always going above and beyond and it's nice to have them recognized. The people in the community and the people in the families, they actually went to a website and voted for Cavazos and we were the top percentage in our area, so that’s the reason we were chosen. Our families and our community voted for Cavazos to get the recognition.”

In 2021, H-E-B traveled the extra mile to visit schools and districts in their communities with this Texas Love Teachers Tour, a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the H-E-B Excellence in Education Awards. The tour crossed Texas in March and April making 50 stops in 50 days.

In addition to the Texas Love Teachers Tour, H-E-B Excellence in Education will be giving away $100,000 in cash prizes through a Virtual Tribute to Texas Teachers on Saturday, May 8. Learn more at  


Teachers receive boxedlunch at Cavazos   A Cavazos teacher poses in front of the HEB sign