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Leaders from across the Permian Basin assemble for first Education Summit

On May 5, an impressive cross-section of education leaders from around the Permian Basin came together for a leadership summit, determined to share ideas and identify solutions to the learning loss suffered by area students during the pandemic. 

Two organizations with a vested interest in the success of local students, The Permian Strategic Partnership (PSP) and the Education Partnership of the Permian Basin, hosted the event at the Bush Convention Center in Midland. Ector County ISD Superintendent Scott Muri and Hobbs Municipal Schools Superintendent TJ Parks led the agenda. 

“It was a great day for a variety of reasons,” said Dr. Muri in an interview with reporters at the conclusion of the event. “One, it’s a gathering of school districts all across the Permian Basin; New Mexico and Texas and that’s unusual. I think kids and communities won today because of that.” 

In all, 89 people attended the summit, representing 25 school districts and three charter school networks. The group dove into discussion on how best to address students’ needs and how to wisely – and effectively – spend the federal dollars earmarked for this work. Instructional time spent with students; investing in teachers because the single greatest in-school determinate of student outcomes is the teacher; and addressing the social and emotional well-being of students were three of the ideas identified as ways to lay a strong foundation for future learning. Round table discussion and gallery walks allowed all of the participants to talk and share with each other. 

“A lot of us received some really good ideas,” said Dr. Muri. “We have a significant influx of federal money coming our way. We want to make sure that we make the right investments and today helped feed some of that work that we have to do to ensure that the right investments are made so that ultimately kids win, and kids learn, and things are better in all of our school districts,” Muri added.


educational leaders sitting at round tables 


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