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Trustees hear report on District's financial audit

The Ector County ISD Board of Trustees held its December Board Meeting on the 15th. A recap of the agenda is below.


  1. Roll Call. Delma Abalos was absent.


  1. Verification of compliance with open meetings requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. Pledges of allegiance.


      4. Invocation


  1. In a pair of virtual special presentations, Trustees were introduced to the three students whose designs adorn their school board holiday card, and then to the 2019-20 Employees of the Year.

 elementary student Anali Sigala

middle school designer Amery Ruiz

high school designer Alexa Saavedra


  1. In his opening comments, Superintendent Dr. Scott Muri, offered condolences to school board president Delma Abalos for the loss her husband this past weekend. He asked the board to take a moment of silence to remember Richard Abalos, and his legacy of service to our community. Dr. Muri also expressed sorrow over the losses our school district family has felt in the past several weeks, and he hopes we will all remain vigilant in taking safety precautions as we head into this holiday break. Dr. Muri also highlighted some pieces of student data for Trustees. Using results from NAEP and MAP scores for reading and math, it shows Texas students’ scores are in decline compared to 2011 and ECISD trails the state’s results in every area. He reminded Trustees we have work to do as a school system to meet our students’ needs. He stated funding for education must remain strong because this is a crisis of learning in Texas and the ramifications will be felt for years. He added, we must see this and address it as we design a system to meet the needs of our kids.


  1. There was no public comment.


  1. Action items


A. Trustees voted 6-0 to approve purchases over $50,000. This list includes annual renewals of property insurance; Stop/Loss for the District’s health insurance; science simulation labs; and a partnership to provide home meal delivery for the approximately 6,000 students learning online.


B. Trustees voted 6-0 to approve the annual financial report for 2019-20 (the year ending June 30, 2020). Every school district is required to prepare annual financial statements, have them audited by an external firm, and submit them to the state. The auditor, Whitley Penn, issued an Unmodified Opinion meaning a clean report with no internal control findings related to financial report and no findings related to compliance. In short, a good report on the District’s finances.


C. Trustees voted 6-0 to approve budget amendment #6.


  1. Trustees voted 6-0 to approve the Consent Agenda. The Consent Agenda is a group of routine or previously reviewed items that are approved all together. This month’s Consent Agenda included minutes of previous meetings; bills for payment; acceptance of donations over $10,000*; the 2021-22 dual credit matrix of courses; renewal of legal services retainer with Walsh, Gallegos, Trevino, Russo & Kyle P.C.; out-of-state travel for the Odessa High School band, orchestra and harp students to Orlando, Florida, after the school year ends in May (if travel is allowed at that time); out-of-state travel for the Permian High School choir to Branson, Missouri, during Spring Break in March (if travel is allowed at that time).


  1. Reports/Discussion items


A. Trustees heard an overview of special services offered by ECISD. There are approximately 3,000 Special Education students in ECISD, with about 34% (1,055) being mainstreamed, meaning they learning in general education classrooms. Currently, the Special Education program is rated over three measurements – graduation rate, drop out rate and total disciplinary removals rate (removals from the classroom for disciplinary reasons). Ratings range from a top rating of Level 1 to a low rating of Level 4. ECISD rates at Level 2 in all three of the measurements, however, has an overall District rating of 3. The Special Education department determined improving the disciplinary removals is the key to improving students’ performance, graduation rate, and the drop out rate and that work is the focus of the department’s plans for teaching, learning, and professional development.   


  1. Trustees spent about five minutes in closed session discussing personnel matters.


A. Trustees voted 6-0 to terminate the term contract for Jesus Martinez.


  1. Information items. You can find these items, as well as the descriptions of previous items, here -  


  1. In his closing remarks, Dr. Muri reminded the school board members our two-week holiday break begins on Friday. He wished everyone happy holidays.


The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


*$850,000 from the City of Odessa CARES funds to be matched by the Texas Education Agency with state CARES funds, and to help reimburse the purchase of Chromebooks, iPads and MiFi hotspots; 

$270,523 from the Ector County Commissioners Court CARES funds also to help reimburse the cost of those device purchases; 

$100,000 from Chiefs for Change to contribute $50,000 to the cost of the SpaceX Service to provide internet to portions of southwest Odessa and $50,000 for internet connectivity; 

$80,000 from Mojo Choir Booster Club for sound system including a sound board and microphones; 

$25,000 from Chevron through the Education Foundation for CTE Dual Credit.