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E.K. Downing Elementary 1st grader named volunteer of the year

It is never too early to start giving. Just look to E.K. Downing Elementary first-grader Natalie Gayosso, the recipient of this year’s W.D. Noël Youth Volunteer of the Year Award, as an example. A first-grader now, she was nominated for this award based on her work last year. As a kindergartner! Natalie is a Junior Volunteer at Downing Elementary helping in classes with a variety of duties like office errands, decorating sight word boxes, paper-clipping flashcards, connecting tablets for charging, passing out papers and wiping table to name just a few.


The Noël awards were created to recognize the many valuable contributions being made by volunteers who are residents of Ector County. Additionally, the award is intended to increase awareness of the importance of volunteering in the community. The award recognizes volunteers who give assistance to the community and receive no remuneration for their efforts. The awards were handed out to individuals this year, since no public banquet could be held in the fall.


Her positive attitude and smile impact her 23 classmates and her teacher. Her teacher says Natalie’s helpful spirit has unconsciously spread to others in her class. Natalie has herself grown, too. She communicates more, is comfortable and confident with her teacher and schools staff members, and her behavior, grades and attendance are “awesome.”


Natalie Gayosso definitely has a servant's heart and attitude. She also has this year’s W.D. Noël Youth Volunteer of the Year Award!


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2 pictures: Natalie by herself holding the award; Natalie with her parents and two school officials.