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State Board of Education recognizes Sewell Family of Companies for support of ECISD schools

Ector County ISD is happy to call attention to The Sewell Family of Companies for earning a pair of state recognitions based on its support for our school district. 

On January 29, the State Board of Education (SBOE) started its meeting with the reading of a resolution honoring Sewell as an Employer for Educational Excellence Gold Award honoree.


 “We are grateful for the generosity of the Sewell Family of Companies and its commitment to help make a real difference for our kids and this community,” said Ector County ISD Superintendent Dr. Scott Muri. “Sewell employees give of their time through volunteering, and the company donates of its resources to directly support students’ work, which has made a difference for our district.”


The SBOE criteria is stringent. In order to be considered for the Gold Award the employer must:

  • Have a policy or procedure that allows employees with school-age children to attend parent-teacher conferences, take part in school activities, or participate in student mentoring activities during work time;
  • Establishes a mentoring program in partnership with a local school district for employees to meet and mentor students with the goal of promoting academic success and social interaction. Structured mentoring activities may include one-to-one, group, team, or online mentoring and should be built around regular, frequent contact.
  • Has a designated employee who oversees internal coordination of the mentoring program;
  • Has a policy or some procedure which tracks employees' volunteer hours and mentoring activities;
  • Maintains records that show evidence that employees attended parent-teacher conferences, took part in school volunteer activities, or participated in student mentoring activities, provide a signed letter from a supervisor conforming this participation;
  • At least 1% of the employer's workforce participates in mentoring activities for a minimum of one-year (or school year) commitment.


Sewell Family of Companies has partnered with Ector County ISD in many ways. During the 2018-19 school year Sewell Ford donated a truck to the Ag Farm to support 150 agriculture programs students at the farm, and another 175 at the high schools who participate in FFA activities after school hours and on weekends.

The following year, Sewell Ford donated a car and two engines to the Automotive Technology program giving 160 students the benefit of hands-on, real world experience every day.  

Sewell also helps the district financially through donations to the Education Foundation of Odessa and the Education Partnership. Things like helping Permian High School pay for new water fountains and a new scoreboard for the baseball field.

The giving of time is also a crucial piece of the Sewell Family of Companies’ commitment. The company has around 90% of its employees actively participating in some form of volunteerism with the district.

Earlier in this school year, Sewell also received the designation of a Stand Up for Texas Public Schools honoree from the Texas Association of School Boards (presentation pictured below). This TASB began this program in 2014 to highlight generous assistance provided to districts by businesses and other community organizations each year. 


Collin Sewell receives certificate from ECISD volunteer coordinator