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Jeramey Kraatz returns to his roots to inspire young authors

Author Jeramey Kraatz found himself in a familiar spot this morning, the library at Reagan Elementary School.

Jeramey Kraatz, the author of the two young-adult fiction series “The Cloak Society” and “Space Runners,” is one of our own. He attended Reagan Elementary, Ector Junior High, and graduated from Permian High School.

He is here this week as part of the Odessa Arts’ One Book One Basin initiative, which unites the entire basin around one of the most essential art forms: literacy. The Cloak Society has been selected as the Young Readers' Choice for the One Book, One Basin.

He spoke to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders about his experiences as an author, his first graphic novel (“I Witnessed: The Lizzie Borden Story” which will be out soon), and his work in anime series, films and video games. And, of course, about his years as a student at Reagan.

He has visited Reagan before and says he always welcomes the chance to encourage and inspire young students, “I get to talk to kids who are excited about reading, and who aren’t jaded about reading,” he said. “And they’re excited about being creative and they think authors are rock stars which is always good for my ego and self-esteem.”

Jeramey told the students he never dreamed of writing “fiction and certainly not for kids.” But he loved to read and that led to him writing and that led to him writing fiction and that led to today. His message for kids is, “If you are passionate about anything, in writing specifically, but in music, in sports, in academics, in engineering, anything like that, no matter where you’re from no matter what your background is you can shoot for that goal and you can achieve it.

“And I especially love getting to do that in Odessa and at Reagan [Elementary] in particular because I literally sat in this library so it’s easy to say ‘hey, I’m not just saying you can do this, I am a living example of you can do this if you want.’”


Jeramey holds a book as he talks to students

picture of his book "The Cloak Society"














More about Jeramey Kraatz:

Jeramey studied advertising and English at TCU. He later graduated from the MFA program at Columbia University, where he focused on nonfiction writing. When not writing books, he adapts English dub scripts for various anime series such as Seraph of the End and My Hero Academia. Jeramey Kraatz is the author of The Cloak Society and Space Runners series from HarperCollins. His first graphic novel--I Witnessed: The Lizzie Borden Story--will be published in 2025. Jeramey also adapts English dub scripts for anime series, films, and video games. He has worked extensively on blockbuster franchises like Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, Black Clover, and Attack on Titan.