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ECISD Teacher Incentive Allotment

ECISD Teacher Incentive Allotment Plan

ECISD Teacher Incentive Allotment

In the 86th Legislative Session, HB 3 provided funds for districts in Texas to apply for funding through the TIA.  The Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) provides funding to pay highly effective teachers whose students show measurable improvement in academic growth. District leaders began investigating this program in November 2019.  A Steering Committee, consisting of teachers, campus leadership, and district leadership, came together in two separate working sessions:  Ambition, Intent, and Commitment.  Considering this is a new opportunity and fairly new in Texas, the District brought in consulting teams who have assisted districts implementing differentiated compensation models.  We are working with Best in Class and NIET (National Institute for Excellence in Teaching) through this process.  During these working sessions, the Steering Committee made decisions and recommendations that have been used by the application team working on the application.

The Texas Education Agency has developed criteria for the components of the TIA and has selected the College of Education at Texas Tech University to assist in the selection of districts.  This is a rigorous process for districts to gain approval for TIA funding.  Teacher evaluations, observations, and student outcomes must align.  Our design is to have an equitable opportunity for ALL teachers, create a culture of excellence, improve student achievement, and be transparent. This process must be valid and applied consistently across all evaluations.  For these reasons, the District is working with and will be guided by NIET to build a plan that involves rigorous training and calibration of the teacher evaluation process.  We will continue to use T-TESS, as the Steering Committee recommended, and re-evaluate the training and calibration of the evaluation process.